Inside and out

Cam, the Whoppit, looking on, and Jilli at the seventh week of feeding pups

Expanding world of pups

Each day there have been developments.  First a short distance from the front door, an occasional poo and wee, but mostly exploration in the wet grass.  They have looked at the pullets, well fenced, found sticks they want to work on, and if the adult wheippets have been out too, they have had an additional challenge.  They want to go with the big dogs but the big dogs often get them by the neck and they then squeal. The two older whippest here, Anna and Marty have been the bossiest.  Young Whistler, about 9 months, plays, bites and plays again.  All very risky for a small pup.  Yet they gpo back to these older dogs.

At this stage and in this chillier weather, a few minutes outside has been enough.  They come back in, find the beds they like and settle down for a sleep.  

Having a clean kitchen floor last night, I decided to pen the pups in the sitting room, chiefly to reduce the amount of cleaning up in the morning.  They settled while I was sitting there, but when I left, and they realised that the pup railing blocked their exit, they rushed about.  They were clearly distressed, squeaking at the containment. One began to howl, nearest to my door.  Theothers had apprently found their beds.  The wailing was very sad, but I just 'In your bed now' and got into mine.  This may have lasted three minutes and i was glad when he or she stopped.

At about 4AM one pup squeaked then called more loudly.  I lopened the doors tolet them out.  Five out of six pups did a poo and wee, and then we trooped back in again.  They checked their feed bowls, had a drink of milk and looked ready to start the day.  But I wasn't and turned out the lights.  Very soon we all went back to sleep.  The process started again at 7AM and this time they needed their breakfast. Rice, pumpkin and cooked chicken pets mince, with more milk.

And so the day began.  More trips outside and in, the bigger whippets joined us.  One pup and three adults shared some toast and butter with me.  This is just a morning ritual, which we all enjoy.  The older dogs show the younger ones that 'sitting down' works a treat with her.  'We'll show you!'  I say 'Good boy/girl! Sitting so nicel!' And we are all pretty pleased with the routine.  

Now at 11AM almost everyone is flat out near the warmth of the cooker and heater.

One pup, Beau went to Queensland yesterday.  He had to spend the night at Tullamarine, before flying to Meroochidore.  He had a blanket, some Optimum puppy biscuits and a C5 immuisation to ward off kennel cough.  He was so well behaved in the car going to Trafalgar, not even a whiper. When we mnet the driver and dog trailer there was a crying pup.  'Someone's very sad,' I said.  'He'll be all right with this pup's company,' the driver said. Inside was a most beautiful 4 month old Spaniel pup.  Beau, just eight weeks, looked very diminuitive along side him.  They were both interested in each other.  'They'll be all right now, ' he said again, and I think they would have been.

Beau is going to a good home and when there are some photos of him and the other pups in their new places, I will post these.




Angie and Beatrice

Pups at Rest Week Eight

Mara, eighteen months and Angie, Seven Weeks

In the evening when everyone is fed and the house is warm, each doggie finds a suitable place to sleep. 

We have one more outing after an hour or two of this luxury peace! And then the big whippets go to their quarters on the covered in varandah, and the pups stay inside.

Albi I now in Launceston
Anna, great grandmother and Ben
Albi II (Arno) and Beau
Angie and Mara
Jilli and pups early seventh week
Aunt Betty, her nephew Whistler and Jilli with pups
Jilli, Betty and Pups
Beatrice in front of the stove

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