Now into the kitchen!

Alice Beatrice and Ben
Alice Beatrice Angie and Albi eating
Alice Angie and Beatrice
Alice Ben Beatrice and Angie
Angie and Arno
Behind a railing

Pups are moving more, eating more and getting stronger

The change of scene to the centre of the house is just what suits pups! They still want to feed from Jilli.  The food bowls are quite good but not as attrac tive as they become a week later.  They are getting used to looking and going where they want, being handled more and playing with each other.

They are such beautiful collection of growing whippets, not yet looking fine and pointy nosed but this will change.  Their eyes are beginning to appreciate so much.  They look hard into your eyes, and try to make sense of your company! This is a precursor to them having excellent sight as sight hounds, and great interest in their companions.

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16.04 | 22:42

Hello Elizabeth

I bought Abi last year, she is currently at my feet under the doona! Do u have any puppies available ? Pauline 0477074839