Announcing her new arrivals

Pup Advert 28 April 2014

Beautiful Jilli!
We are pleased to announce the arrival of Jilli's second litter 25/04/2014. 

Their are seven pups for sale.
There are two solid blues and five blue and white parti's.
Mum is a solid blue and is available for viewing.
Unfortunately we lost Dad to a snake bite prior to pups arrival,
but we have pictures available.

Pups are pure bred, but are being sold as PETS ONLY- no papers.
As with previous pups we have bred, these will be very outgoing personality wise
as well as having the WOW factor visually.
Pups will have a variety of indoor and outdoor experiences during their time with us.
They will be wormed, vaccinated and microchipped.
Deposits of $250 are being taken now to secure one of these stunning pups,
with remainder of payment due at their six week stage.

Price of pups ranges from $850 for the parti colours, and $1200 for the solid blues. The pricing reflects the outstanding quality of these pups.
Discerning and committed enquiries only please.
We also have two solid blue pups from Kimber and Ertha's litter, born 29 Oct 2013,
available for forever homes, $1200 each.

DoB 25th April 2014

Gerald, sire and brother Cinquo with the dot on his head

Whippets are wonderful mothers.  The birth of each pup was smooth and Jilli managed each arrival marvellously.  What a process to attend!

The first two were blue and white boys, Arno and Albi, with dots on their heads.  

Next Alice, blue and white, Abbey, blue, and Angie, blue and white.

There was a pause.  Then came Ben and Beau, blue and Beatrix, blue and white, last and in a hurry to feed.   

You might note the pink noses and paws.  These will change in the next day or so. 

The little bodies that arrived are expanding hourly.  They feed with a purpose! And then flop over to recover from their efforts, sleep for a while and start again.


First five born and feeding well
Three hours on, five pups
Five hours later, five blue and white and three blue
Pups moving
Eight hours later
Three solid blues

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16.04 | 22:42

Hello Elizabeth

I bought Abi last year, she is currently at my feet under the doona! Do u have any puppies available ? Pauline 0477074839