Much reduced whippet pack

Eight weeks

Preparing to leave the farm

Thank you for your enthusiasm and delight in the pups and whippets in the last few months.  I have so much enjoyed meeting and corresponding with you as their new owners.  

Now that I shall no longer be breeding whippets, or cattle, or poultry, I would really appreciate hearing how you and your companion go along.  I will put your pup photos on this website for whippet enthusiasts to enjoy, and certainly keep them on the screensaver on my computer.  

Yesterday three pups left, two going interstate.  They have arrived safely, if a little overdone by the journey.  They will pick up quickly I believe.

Here the three still waiting to go, are enjoying their space.  There is more room in front of the kitchen fire, just enough company to lie next to another warm body and 'she-who-feeds-us has time to hold us and talk with us.'

The news of the older whippets who have gone to new ownersis good.  Mara has caught a rabbit down in Apollo Bay, and is enjoying the company of her new 'parents'.

Whistler has gone to Hastings where he will have his owner's undivided attention and may be some good runs on the beach.  He is still entire, so may father a few more pups.

Nel is someone's so special, which is a great delight to me, and living near Port Phillip Bay.  Nora, her sister may be going soon, also near a beach.

Jessica may stay with me, Jilli and Cam.

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16.04 | 22:42

Hello Elizabeth

I bought Abi last year, she is currently at my feet under the doona! Do u have any puppies available ? Pauline 0477074839