Jilli's pups are growing strong

Mid March and we are outside investigating the scene

Much to investigate early March

We like a cave

Jilli feeding pups early March

Playing between the chairs

Playing before bed 28th March

Whistler getting a bottle out of the box Nora in foreground

Whistler and offspring

Cam and Jessica

Jessicaand loving friend


Pups enjoyng a friend in front of fire

In amongst the chairs. Evening playtime.

Jilli and Whistler relaxing together

Nora and Whistler

Nora, Whistler and Jilli 28th March

Mara, the beautiful black girl

28th March 2015 

The pups have had a half a kg  raw meat with their pup biscuits. Now they are out on the verandah.  It is cool outside, about 17 degrees, and 22 inside. They have two kennels to snuggle into.  

They are not pleased as they would like to roam the house. But yesterday as there were high winds they spent all day inside with only short exeats to the garden. 

Their walking on wet grass cleans their paws, and searching under bushes must start their outdoor education in smells and the discovery of bones, sticks and just now figs under the fig tree.  Meanwhile I have time to clean up their sleeping pen.

Outside are Whistler, Bonny and Mara.  Whistler is biding his time to get in with Abbi who is on heat. I want to get these two de-sexed as I shall do no more breeding.  They are a stunning pair, and all was set for perhaps two more litters of these blue pups, but I am moving house.  I am leaving the farm slowly.  The process has begun with some house hunting. And moving in to town involves downsizing my whippet pack.

The pups are seven weeks.  I am pleased with their progress.  Each is becoming more adventurous when they go outside, often pursuing Jilli for a feed.  

About five of them have been ready to walk down the hill to the farm gate with the older whippets.  Until recently, the other four have found going back inside more attractive, but the outside does become more interesting for any pup! 

Yesterday I took Jessica down on the farm, where I dealt with feeding donkeys and cattle for about half an hour.  She explored the bush paddocks, was attentive to my whereabouts and came back like a ‘good girl’!   Much to my relief she did not streak off for twenty minutes after a scent and a rabbit. 

In the morning Cam had caught a small bunny, and seemed to need no more food for the day.  He large and seems slower than the smaller whippets but is a successful hunter. It must hinge on learning the business.

Abbi is much confined to my bedroom as she is on heat.  But she seems to like being the special girl, and it has given me the chance to spend time with her.  She goes in willingly when I open the door for her.  Jessica is a few months older which means that Abbi has to deal with the put downs.  They play together and I would have said that their strength was about equal, but the seniority shows through.

I am going to miss this whippet-centred life.  They are like children who have space and time to play.  

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Hello Elizabeth

I bought Abi last year, she is currently at my feet under the doona! Do u have any puppies available ? Pauline 0477074839