Whippets are something special!

A speedy sight hound, not just a lounge lizard!
My father who loved dogs all his life, told me how special he thought a whippet to be. But he himself generally had 'cast-offs' and dogs that gravitated to him, so he had not so much choice in the matter!
In 2003 I found a little bitch, Coco for him.
At that stage, he was fairly infirm but more significantly, had become blind. I realised, once I had Coco, and learnt how she behaved, that he could not by then enjoy one of the most marvellous characteristics of the whippet, that is the speed. Coco was like a little racehorse, and faster!
This running is sheer delight to whippet and owner.
In 2007 I moved to a small farm. I have high fencing and a paddock where they run two or three times a day. I take one or two, down on the farm with me, so that they can hunt, while I work. They learn about staying with me, not chasing the ducks on the dam, and coming home when I go back up to the house. A few, including Jilli, catch the odd rabbit.
The whippets themselves would have to own that they are not as 'civilised' as many pups who have left here and now live in the suburbs. They do not meet other dogs in parks, and can be quite anxious about outsider dogs until they know them.
But they are friendly and a treat to live with.
They live in house,where they are lounge lizards, on the verandah and sometimes in pens under the house, if there is a need to confine them or just to keep cool.
Whippets communicate well with children and adults alike. The grandchildren come to see the whippets first and foremost, even before the donkeys and baby chicks. Whippets are very good natured. You need to be on the spot see that the children learn how to respect them.
There is quite a lot to learn for both pup and owner. I have found this such a treat.
I hope that you would have such an opportunity too.
A learning curve for both owner and pup
A new owner needs to find a place where she/he can give their growing whippet a chance to run.
Not too much as a small pup, as this can result in injury, but steady-as-she-goes, fitness builds.

Three younger whippets have had damage from collisions with spiky objects, in twelve years. These were alarming but soon healed.
Whippets develop their sight skills and remember where fences are.
This coping with terrain at speed has been a part of their learning and mine.
Jess's pups at Overhill in January 2015 now in their new homes
Your Canine Companion!

You will have spent sometime researching the breed of canine companion that would interest and suit you. And whippets have become popular. That is a great delight to me as I believe many people who might not otherwise have considered a doggie companion, once they know about the breed, change their thinking. They begin to study it, talk to owners, think out how they might manage the challenge themselves.
You are considering a beautiful, fleet, agile and loving animal.
So where is the challenge?
Challenge it is!
I believe for the doggie to be a happy one, and your relationship to be a great adventure, she/he will need intelligence and flexibility in the owner.
The owner must be open to the love such a dear dog will give.
Doing plenty with your whippet, talking and relaxing with the pup, but also adopting a schedule of outings, explorations and social gatherings of dogs and people can be most rewarding!
This might just mean regular walks. It could mean a trip to the racetrack at Tooraddin for an event run by the Victorian Whippet Racing Club, or North East of Melbourne, where the Yarra Valley Social Whippet Racing Club has great social events for both owners and whippets.
Or a few hours out by the sea, in a park or by a lake, with or without others.
Try such expeditions with your companion in mind. She/he will soon become used to explorations, and learn to work in with you. Routine and fun play a great part in this.

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