First Birthdays for some!

Ziggy at 15 weeks
Jan 2015
Jan 2015
Ziggy 29th Jan 2015
Joe Aug 2015
Joe Aug 2015
Joe in a great comfort zone!
Jan 2015
Taking a break Jan 2015
Most beautiful girl!
Three beautiful girls!
Nora April 2015
Nora April 2015
Nina and Nora Jan 2015
Nina and Nora Jan 2015
Most beautiful girl! Jan 2015

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your PUPS! February 2016

Marvin May 2015

Missy has turned one this last week, her owner reminded me.  It seems so much more than a year ago Jilli's and Jess's litters were born.  

I have had early stage photos of many of their pups and have been so pleased to hear what you have been doing at this fairly demanding stage of the puos' lives.  More than interesting, but still demanding.  

My two four year olds, Jilli and Cam have settled welll here in town with a walk and chase-about each morning around the football grounds.  Their care is so much less labour intensive than it was for pups, I can hardly believe the difference.  So I understand if you wonder when the whizz about behaviours are full on.  Keep going!!!  Dogs are so soon past that stage and you will miss it!

Here are some photos sent last year of members of the litters.  I have been delighted to hear how they are going along and you too.  Mara is a keen companon to a fisherman and shares his catch down on the South coast.  Hardly a rabbit still in sight there.  Others have more urbanised lives and have adapted well.  Some owners are providing comapnions for their pups while they are at work.  So good especially for a young one.

Nora in profile
Marvin in May 2015
Marvin outside
Marvin with toy
Marvin at home
Hurley 23 Jan 2015
Kye and Pal
Couch potato
Kye and Pal
Kye and pal
Much loved pup Sooty (Velvet) in SA
Abbi and Missy 5th June 2015

About the last two pups sold

Just as I moved house these two pups  have launched into their lives in new homes.  It was sad to part with these established friends, but the new owners have real whippet understanding.  I hope they and other Overhill whippets will call in when they go past Trafalgar in the future.

Jilli and Cam are adapting to town life rather better than I anticipated, but we have not met up with strange dogs yet. Yestefday I walked along with them when they stopped.  Across the road in front of house was a white bowl.  Why were the dogs so interested?  Then I saw in the dim light the two black ears of a pet rabbit grazing!  The whippets won't forget this.

Please keep your news coming in.  I have a plan to make a page on the first six to nine months of the October and February pups in their new homes, as soon as my move is completed. Thank you for the emails sent.  Much appreciated.


Old news: Abbi was born April 2014 and Remy/Missy born February 2015 have gone to new owners as I am ending my breeding of whippets program and moving to town!


Hurley the runner

Hurley with muscles

Thank you very much to the Overhill whippet owners who have sent photos of their charges. Here is a photo of Hurley who as his owner says

' is doing great and is very healthy :-) I honestly don't think that this dog can bark he is soooo quiet, loves people and knows how to sit, shake hands and lay down, veeeery easy dog to train! I have been living close to a beach so he has LOTS of exercise as you can see in the picture by his muscles.'

 He is on the thin side but very fit.  Many whippets would love this chance to run! I had Cinquo, later Tyler who was so very thin while his brother Gerald was not so.  Both had the same sort of exercise and diet living at Hill End.  As he got older he got a better covering of flesh and 'had condition' as farmers say!

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Hello Elizabeth

I bought Abi last year, she is currently at my feet under the doona! Do u have any puppies available ? Pauline 0477074839